Why websites block their data from research

When searching for partnerships on the internet, it is mostly good to see what type of traffic or ranking a potential partner has. Therefore most resort to looking through various tools on the internet in order to determine several key factors about a website.

These are the traffic, the ranking in large countries and globally. How strong their index is and of course, if they run ADsence or are completely marketing based.

You may think that this is not information that should be closed off to the public or carefully hidden away from unwanted eyes. But in all honesty, most websites refrain from disclosing too much of the information about their website’s statistics. Therefore the only thing a person searching fro partnerships can do is to make rough estimates.

Websites that disclose info

In most cases websites that do indeed show the information about themselves are already large and sophisticated. Large news outlets and potential marketing platforms don’t hide their info because they do indeed want the companies to contact them, which would be their primary source of income.

These websites are similar to Bloomberg, BBC and various other media outlets. However, some smaller websites have started to mimic this strategy and it has been working perfectly.

For example a smaller website when compared to Bloomberg, ForexNewsNow has been disclosing the most crucial information about their platform without any restrictions. Here is why. They are filtering all of the requests they may get about partnerships. Meaning that large companies that soon find out about the volume will bail on them, therefore it is best for them to be accessible to only those who will 100% partner with them. Thanks to this strategy the website has been growing ever since.

How to find out information about a website

Even though the platform may be censoring the info they disclose, it is still possible to find out about the details. The most effective way to do this is to contact them directly. However, make sure that they are not lying and inflating their numbers in an attempt to get you to partner up.

Any other method is not guaranteed. You can sometimes look at the amount of views on their articles and try to deduce the viewer count from that. Look at their most featured articles and see how well they rank on Google. But remember, nothing is guaranteed.

Giorgi Mikhelidze

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