Why having a lifestyle blog is unprofitable

The digital world we are living in is full of possibilities and opportunities for different people. One of the most popular options for people who are seeking ways to be self-employed is a blog.

Currently one can find thousands of blogs on a certain topic. The blogs have become an endorsement for many people, we no longer ask our friends whether or not to buy certain products, go somewhere or purchase a service – we all go to our favorite blogs and seek for the information there, as we are sure that the person on the other side of our laptop screen has more knowledge about it or has already had a first-hand experience.

The blogs are also a very good way for the bloggers themselves to gain the popularity, influence and of course profits. However, not all the blogs are equal, some blogs are more profitable compared to others.

When starting a blog people want to cover a wide audience and think that the best way to do so, is to have a lifestyle blog and write about everything. While it might sound logical it is not necessarily true. Writing about beauty products, technologies, gardening, fashion and other topics on one blog and leading so-called lifestyle blogs is far less profitable than focusing on a certain topic. According to Forbes, 10 most successful and profitable blogs are concentrated on a single topic rather than covering everything that a reader might find interesting.

People tend to believe more in specific blogs

Readers are visiting your blog for various reasons: information, product reviews, stories, entertainment, and etc. The two most popular reasons are entertainment and educational information about programmes, technologies, products, and services. When the blog is focused on specific topics, such as smartphones, people tend to believe the information posted there, rather on the blog that does not have a specific topic. If you want to buy a smartphone you would go to the blog that is continuously providing information about them, so you are aware they know what they are talking about. This is why the blogs that have specific guides have more engaging visitors and hence, they can monetize the blog better, as their readers are receiving the information they need.

You cannot be good at everything

Let’s face it, you cannot have an expertise in everything, neither you can be passionate about everything in the world. If your passion is technologies, you will find it hard to write about the beauty products every now and then, and the readers will understand it. When you try to produce various content on different topics the quality will get lower and lower, simply because you do not know much about all the things. On the contrary, there will always be a blog that is concentrated on exactly beauty products and they will have better content than you have. Simple because it is their area of expertise. Hence, if you want to have a blog, make sure to choose the topic considering your interests and expertise. You cannot be good at everything but you can definitely be good at something.

Content needs to have a value

Thanks to the internet, people are consuming any kind of information, think of the most bizarre topic and you will be able to find numerous articles and blogs about it. For example, in the world’s 50 most pawerful blogs you could find numerous blogs that are writing about gossips and rumors. While gossips about celebrities are still a thing in 2019, people today search for the content that has a value. This is why generic blogs are less and less popular and profitable. When running a blog that talks about everything over 90% of the content do not have any value for the readers. Since the readers cannot benefit from such blogs in any way, the bloggers cannot benefit from it either.

Summing up

Blogs are and will continue to be a great tool for the people to express themselves, expose their knowledge, experience or expertise and benefit from it. However, it can only be done if the content is meaningful and valuable for the readers. Today there are so many contents produced daily that the bloggers need to really stand out. The best way to do so is to constantly have the content that is high in quality, choose the topics that you are passionate about and where you have the highest expertise. Do not try to talk about everything in your generic blog, rather take one topic and be the best in it.

Giorgi Mikhelidze

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